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180″ Skulls Bamboo Hands Wraps

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Superior Breath-ability
180” Length Wraps
Durable 100% Premium Bamboo Stretch Fabric
Velcro Closure with Hook and Loop Design
Contains Natural Antibacterial Elements
Recommended use for Fight Sports & Mixed Martial Arts.

From professionals to newbies just beginning their first class, hand wraps are an essential part of anyone’s training. They are an important requirement for safety during combat training. Wraps are designed to compress the fragile bones in your hands and wrists, protecting from the repetitive strain of strikes. The COOLFLEX technology found in the new Paid in Blood Athletics hand wraps completely conforms to your hand; engineering a stiff and secure fit.

With the new Paid in Blood Athletics hand wraps, you will strike with comfort and confidence knowing your hands are fully protected. Designed with 100% premium bamboo, these are the softest hand wraps ever created. Plus, the exclusive fabric in Paid in Blood Athletics hand wraps contain natural antibacterial elements to preserve freshness and deliver an unparalleled level of breath-ability.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in


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